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Strapping Solutions Options

A wide choice of options

A wide choice of strapping Heads, Dispensers and other valuable innovative Options.

Advanced industrial design and high quality standards make FROMM strapping heads, strap dispensers and other options absolute everyday heroes, able to withstand the toughest conditions. They also fit perfectly into any existing operation.

FROMM strapping heads are developed under strict rules and regulations in the FROMM R&D center in Achern (D). FROMM belt dispensers and other options in our automated solution works in Caprino Ver. (It). Their state-of-the-art technology, straightforward design and construction, combined with the materials used, make them among the best in their segments.

The FROMM sustainability rules apply to FROMM heads, dispensers as well as all modern FROMM products. They are made and composed of durable materials that can be easily disassembled and recycled in separate special recycling streams. Their design is also reflected in low
maintenance requirements and very limited use of lubricants.

FROMM offers no less than 9 different strapping heads, for steel and plastic strapping. With or without seal. Including spot welding, for steel strapping. Suitable for flat or round / irregular packages. With a tension force of 7,000N for plastic strapping to 18,000N for steel strapping. In addition, 4 different dispenser types. Designed for standard coils (SC), Jumbo Coils (JC), Super Jumbo Coils (SJC) or Ultra Jumbo Coils (UJC).