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Steel Strapping Machinery

Steel Strapping Machinery

Steel Strapping Tools that Meet the Most Stringent Demands

No matter the industry, packaging and bundling solutions play a major and vital role in the success of a business. Done correctly, proper packaging and bundling provides protection for goods, as well as facilitates easier handling, transport and storage of these goods. To ensure your business extracts the maximum value out of packaging solutions, it is vital that you use tried and tested equipment from a reputable supplier. Steel strapping tools are one of the most commonly used and reliable types of packaging solutions across a wide range of industries.

Let’s take a closer look at steel strapping tools:

What are steel strapping tools?

This piece of equipment is used to bind a metal strap to a box, roll or other shape or form of goods or materials in order to keep it together (bundling), or to secure the packaging for transport, handling and/or storage.

Why use steel strapping tools?

Steel straps are more tensile than its plastic counterpart. It doesn’t stretch, and is ideal for bundling and securing rigid and extremely tough objects, including other metals, bricks, wire, glass, shipping containers, corrugated boxes, crates, paper, and more.

The manual version of this piece of equipment is easy to use and ideal for use on flat objects and goods with small surfaces. FROMM Packaging Systems offers a range of nine different manual models that range in size and offer both regular duty and high tensile strap solutions.

On the other hand, the pneumatically powered version provides faster strapping, uniformly and ideally tensioned straps and a more efficient way of working, especially when dealing with large volumes. FROMM Packaging Systems offers a range of eight different pneumatic models, catering to a variety of size and tensile strength requirements.

Range of strap finishes available

FROMM Packaging Systems also provides the necessary straps – all of which are treated with a wax coating, allowing the straps to flow smoothly in automated machines. Painted visions are available (including green, black, brown, and more), as well as zinc-coated straps that are commonly used for prolonged outside storage, as it offers greater rust resistance.

With more than seven decades in the industry, FROMM Packaging Systems is a trusted packaging solutions provider globally. For more information on their extensive range of quality products, including steel strapping tools, get in touch with the team. They will gladly help you find the perfect tool to help you unlock the true value of the perfect packaging solution.

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