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Protective Wrapping

Protective Wrapping

Why Is Quality Protective Wrapping So Important?

Manufacturing goods or supplying materials is a skill in itself. But delivering it to the consumer or end-user in its intended form is an entirely different task that requires careful logistical planning and additional knowledge, care and effort. The ability to do this successfully is essential in the success of any business. Failing in this step will result in unhappy customers and loss of profits. Ultimately, it could seriously hurt your business. This is why you should carefully consider your choice of protective wrapping when planning the handling, transport and storage of your company’s goods.

What is the purpose of protective wrapping?

There are a number of risks that can affect goods during storage, handling and transport. These include, but are not limited to:

Choosing the right type and quality of protective wrapping for your goods can help protect it against many of the negative effects of these risks, helping you ensure the quality of your goods and delivering on the expectations of your customers.

In addition, protective wrapping also makes handling and transport easier, as it often helps to unitise goods into easy-to-handle bundles, or attaches it to pallets so that it can safely be moved and stacked with little effort.

The better your goods are protected, the better the quality upon delivery, the less you need to write off, and the better the price. These all translate into better profits and repeat business – the holy grail for any successful company.

Where to find quality protective wrapping solutions that are both reliable and affordable

South African businesses can benefit from local support from a global player. Established more than 75 years ago, FROMM Packaging Systems is a global leader in quality packaging solutions, offering a range of machines, tools and products to help you deliver your best every time. These include a complete line of packaging products and equipment for unitising and palletising of industrial loads for transport securing.

What’s more, FROMM stretch wrappers are extremely user friendly and can be used in just about every situation. They are very easy to operate and extremely flexible. All machines are designed to cope with a high workload, and the use of carefully selected components ensures that maintenance is kept to a minimum.

To find out more about the FROMM range of products and protective wrapping solutions, as well as to determine which option is best for your business, get in touch with the team today. The FROMM experts are ready to help you find the perfect solution to ensure optimal results, every time.

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