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Plastic Strapping Heads

Plastic Strapping Heads

5 Great Business Reasons to Switch to Plastic Strapping Heads

The success of your business relies on sound decisions that make all the difference in delivering the best product in the most effective manner. Sometimes, these decisions require you to relook the way you are doing things, acknowledge new developments in the market, and adapt manufacturing habits for improved cost management and product delivery. Switching your automated packaging, bundling or palletising machines from steel to plastic strapping heads may be one of these unexpectedly impactful decisions that offer surprising business benefits.

There is a common misperception that steel straps are stronger than plastic straps. However, given the evolution of industrial engineering and PET (or polyester) manufacturing, you can often rely on the same tensile strength and security as you would regarding its steel counterpart. So, now that you know you can count on the same functionality, let’s take a closer look at some of the ways in which plastic strapping heads can provide additional benefits to your business:

1. Safer to use – The sharp edges of steel straps can easily damage the goods it is meant to protect, or result in cuts to the people handling the goods. PET straps used by plastic strapping heads, on the other hand, are less likely to cause harm, due to the fact that the edges of the straps are not as sharp.

2. Rust proof – Rust can cause discoloration (or staining) of goods. Unlike steel straps, PET does not rust, which means that your goods are safe from the damage that rust can cause.

3. Shock absorbent – PET straps have a high elongation and absorb shocks and impacts during transportation and handling far better than steel straps.

4. Cost effective – Typically, PET straps are more affordable than its steel counterpart. This becomes especially important when using high volumes of straps. Make the switch to save on expenses.

5. Environmentally responsible – FROMM’s PET straps are made from recycled materials, and are also recyclable. This means that this option uses less resources and is a more sustainable solution, which is better for the environment and more appealing to the market.

FROMM’s selection of plastic strapping heads are designed in such a way that they can be installed at the top, at the side, or in a horizontal plane of a fully automatic strapping machine, ensuring that they are compatible with every configuration of existing automatic heavy-duty industrial strapping applications.

To find out which plastic strapping heads are best suited to your business needs – and how to make the switch – contact the expert team at FROMM Packaging Systems today. With operations spread throughout Southern Africa, including independent branches and distributors, we’re ready to assist you wherever you are located.

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