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Pallet Wrap Machine

This Is Why You Should invest In a Pallet Wrap Machine


Any savvy business owner knows the importance of identifying and investing in solutions that make their business operations simpler, faster, easier, more cost-effective and safer. These solutions can take many forms. A pallet wrap machine is one of those rare pieces of equipment that serves to deliver all of the aforementioned benefits.


A pallet wrap machine is designed to automate the process of hand wrapping pallets, boxes and packages for shipping and handling. It is surprising how many businesses still rely on hand wrapping, as they consider the cost of a pallet wrap machine too high. The truth is that this piece of equipment delivers a plethora of advantages that far exceed and counter the costs, and can actually save your business money in the long run.


Here are just three of the standout benefits of employing a pallet wrap machine in your daily operations:


1. Proper containment of the load


The whole purpose of wrapping pallets is to bundle products or materials together, to protect them during shipping and handling, and to make shipping and handling simpler, easier and faster. None of these benefits are realised if the wrapping is not up to standard. Sub-standard wrapping simply wastes your precious time and money.

Automated wrapping machines eliminate this problem, as the item in question is wrapped consistently every time, using not too much or too little wrapping, and applying the correct, predetermined tension every time across all products.


2. More effective use of labour

By automating the wrapping process, you can also make sure that you employ your team to perform tasks that are more profitable to your business. instead of being stuck wrapping pallets for hours on end, your team can focus on more productive tasks, like packing orders, loading trucks, and so on.


3. Saving on the cost of wrapping film

Referring back to the first advantage – the consistency of the wrapping tension and the amount of film used does not serve to protect your product properly for shipping and handling, but can also translate into significant savings on the cost of the actual wrapping film. As a pallet wrap machine can be relied upon to use the correct amount of film for your specific needs, and because it partially pre-stretches the film, it eliminates loss occurring through human error and inconsistent wrapping tension applied by hand wrapping. This leads to more effective use of wrapping film, which, in turn, can result in cost savings.


For more information about which pallet wrap machine would benefit your business most, contact the expert team at FROMM Packaging Systems.


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