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The Company

Octomeca is Finnish technology company, founded year 1989. We are specialized in designing and manufacturing of premium class stretch film wrapping machines. The company is located in Naantali, south-western part of Finland. Today, most of the machines are delivered to customers all around the world.

State of the art standard film wrapping machines, with their modular construction, and tailor-made specials full of innovations make us a leading global player in the field of cargo securing with foils in various fields. Both horizontal and vertical film wrapping solutions, help us solve different packaging challenges with our solutions. With or without pallets.

With nearly 30 years of experience, Octomeca has supplied more than 800 wrapping machines and packaging lines worldwide.

Octomeca is part of the international Swiss family company FROMM AG since 2017. The FROMM group is specializing in the development, production, worldwide sales and service of its FROMM packaging machines, manual strapping devices, for strapping and bundling with steel strapping and polyester strapping. As well as her Airpad and Paperpad machines, Airpad films and STARstrap polyester strap.

In addition to film wrapping machines, we offer our international Lifecycle Care service, which focuses on excellent service, maintenance, operating software updates and spare parts supply. We want to take excellent care of our customers and are committed to ensuring a sustainable longlasting, lifelong carefree operation of our solutions.

Octomeca H-series (Horizontal, fully automatic, rotating arm-wrapping machines)
Both innovation and distinctive quality make this machine line one of the most robust and reliable fully automatic film wrapping machines for industrial use. Providing solutions up to 150pph. The Octomeca H-series is designed for horizontal stretch wrapping of different loads (with or without pallet). The machine size is defined based on the maximum diagonal of the load. Inaddition to predefined modular dimensions, Octomeca also designs and produces machines according to customer requirements. We build the largest fully automatic film wrapping machines on the market today. The combination of modern technology and state of the art Power-pre-Stretch-carriage, make it possible to realize an economical and stable transport packaging under all kinds of circumstances
Octomeca V-series (Vertical, fully automatic, ring-wrapping machines)
With the Octomeca V-series stretch film wrapping machines, the product is transported through a vertically rotating ring to be completely wrapped (spiral) or locally provided with narrow foil bands (band wrapping / roping). Bunks / beams can also be wrapped and secured to the package. The machine size is defined by the maximum diagonal of the product. Today we design and manufacture the largest vertical ring wrappers in the world, supplying our solutions to various industries
The most common options to meet the needs of our customers are:
For Xtreme large items, like EPS blocks, we provide the innovative OMC-VO machine. Instead of a traditional ring, we use a rectangular track, based on the product dimensions.
Octomeca R-series (Coil wrapping machines)
The Octomeca R-series stretch film wrapping machines, can wrap all kinds of coils of paper, steel, aluminium or composite. They can be equipped with a rotating arm for axial wrapping or a linear moving film wrapping unit for radial stretch wrapping
During the wrapping process, the coil is rotated on rollers. Upon customer’s request, this machine element can be part of the total delivery. It is also possible to integrate the radial film wrapping unit into an existing wrapping installation or other existing customer equipment.
Octomeca CW-series (Curtain wrapping machines)
Octomeca CW-series (Curtain Wall) film wrapping machines can be used for large rectangular products that require weather-resistant protection with high brand recognition. The final packaging is formed by placing a top sheet in-between two layers of side film (curtains).
This side film, which can be provided with a brand logo and advertising text, is tensioned with tension rollers and sealed at the end of the package. The final result is a strong, splash-proof packaging.