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Industrial Strapping Machine

Industrial Strapping Machine

Look Out for This When Choosing an Industrial Strapping Machine

The key to improving business performance is to increase workplace efficiency, and this is exactly the result you can expect from the right industrial strapping machine. Automated solutions can free up your team members so they can spend their time performing other tasks, it can speed up the palletising or bundling process, and make transport of products simpler and more effective. The combination of faster packaging, better security and protection for goods, and easier handling of the strapped pallets or boxes result in improved profit margins – something every successful business strives for.

The impact of an industrial strapping machine on your business performance, however, depends on the strapping solution you choose. Quality plays a vital role. It is also important to note that not all machines are the same, and that you should choose a model that is suited to your specific business needs.

Here are six essential factors you should keep in mind when choosing an industrial strapping machine to ensure your business gets the best bang for its buck:

1. Which type of strap is best for your product – steel or plastic? Both options have their own benefits and applications. The machine you choose should be suitable to the type of strapping you prefer.

2. Can you integrate your chosen option into your existing production line? Make sure your choice is compatible with your existing production line setup to minimise installation costs and the time it takes to install your strapping solution.

3. Confirm the speed of the solution you are considering. Can it keep up with your production tempo? While strapping is an essential part of the production process, the last thing you want is something to slow down your team’s performance unnecessarily.

4. What is the size of the goods you need strapped? Industrial applications can vary immensely, so you need to make sure that the equipment you choose is suitable for the dimensions of the pallets of goods you need strapped.

5. Check the safety features of the machines on offer. The safety of your team is non-negotiable, so you want to make sure the equipment comes with safety features such as guards on moving parts and automatic lock features to protect your team and minimise downtime due to injuries.

6. What are the maintenance requirements and how easy is it to find spare parts? All machinery requires care and maintenance. This should be quick and efficient to do. Can you find spare parts locally, or would you have to wait for weeks, losing valuable production time?

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