Stretch Wrapping

Quality Stretch Wrapping Solutions You Can Rely On


Pallets, crates, boxes… These are all obvious packaging and transport solutions for goods. But how do manufacturers and shipping companies keep the goods safe and secure during transport and storage? This is where stretch wrapping comes in. As the name suggests, this is literally a stretchy plastic film that gets wrapped around the goods to keep them safe and secure.

Typically, stretch wrapping is applied using a machine. The pallet is placed on a turntable platform that spins the pallet, while a mechanical arm applies the plastic film.


Why manufacturers and shipping companies prefer stretch wrapping

  • This method of packaging is highly flexible to match the size and shape of a variety of loads.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It is quick and easy to apply.
  • It is highly effective at securing loads to prevent them from shifting during transport.
  • It helps to protect products against damage that can be caused by dust, dirt, and moisture.
  • It is also very effective at protecting goods against tampering or theft.
  • Using special plastic film can also offer protection against UV rays, provide anti-static qualities for the safe transport of electronics, offer privacy, or protect against moisture build-up.


Due to all the benefits stretch wrapping offers, it is ideal for bundling or palletising goods. It can also be used to secure rolled items (think large paper rolls, carpeting or cable reels).


Quality film wrap

When it comes to packaging, some businesses tend to cut corners in order to save money. For a material that will eventually just be discarded, this makes sense, right? Well, not really.

As with most things, buying quality materials results in long-term savings. The same applies to stretch film. Less tearing will occur during the wrapping process, meaning less wastage. The same applies during transport. Less tearing means better protected goods and less potential damage or loss.

FROMM Packaging Systems is a global, established provider of packaging solutions, operating for over seven decades. When it comes to packaging, we understand the needs of the market, and you can trust us to deliver the quality film you need.


A choice of reliable machines

In addition to film, FROMM Packaging Systems also supplies and services a range of reliable stretch wrapping machines to suit every business need. These include:

  • The Budget Wrapper
  • The Semi-Automatic Wrapper
  • The Robot Wrapper
  • Stretch Wrapper for Smaller Users


For more information on the range of stretch wrapping machines and film available from FROMM Packaging Systems, get in touch with the team. They will gladly answer all your questions and provide you with valuable advice and guidance, where necessary.