Stretch Wrapper

Helping You Find the Ideal Stretch Wrapper Solution for Your Business


A stretch wrapper does exactly what the name suggests: it wraps a highly stretchable plastic film around an object or objects that one wishes to pack, protect, or lump together. This action has many uses and benefits, and is exceptionally popular in the manufacturing, packaging, storage, and transport industries.


Some key uses and benefits of a stretch wrapper in modern industry:

  • By wrapping goods together – often with a pallet included – goods can be unitised or grouped together in a unit load.
  • A wrapped unit load provides additional stability to products and packages.
  • Additionally, these wrapped units are also easier to store and transport more efficiently.
  • As the goods are wrapped, the plastic provides some protection against dust and moisture.
  • The wrapping, albeit not 100% foolproof, does offer some protection against tampering and loss due to pilfering.
  • When using UV wraps, this process can also provide protection against the sun when being transported or stored outside.


These are only selected advantages of using a stretch wrapper. However, it is also essential to know that the level of benefits are dependent on the quality of the wrapping. This is determined by both the film used for wrapping, and the appropriateness of the machine for the goods that are to be wrapped.


FROMM Packaging Systems is a global leader in the manufacturing and supply of reliable packaging solutions that meet the demands of the industry. They offer a wide range of equipment, which includes:


  • The Budget Stretch Wrapper – Extra emphasis was placed on safety and reliability during the design phase of this machine. The FS310 and FS330, in particular, are highly suited for smaller-scale film users.


  • The Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper – With up to 30 easy-to-use and extremely flexible wrapping programmes, these machines are suitable for almost all pallet formats and loads imaginable.


  • The Robot Stretch Wrapper – The FROMM robot is a mobile, semi-automatic wrapping machine that is particularly suitable for customers who need to wrap a wide range of large pallets, or for situations where wrapping takes place in various locations. With the battery fully charged, it can wrap up to 220 Euro pallets.


  • Stretch Wrapper for Smaller Users – This option is ideal for users who exclusively wrap smaller parcels with a maximum size of 250 by 200 mm, and a maximum weight of 25 kilograms per pack.


The FROMM stretch wrapper range is extremely user-friendly and can be used in every situation. For more information on the available machines – and to find out which one suits your needs best – contact the team at FROMM Packaging Systems.