Strapping Machine

6 Reasons to Invest in a Strapping Machine from FROMM Packaging Systems


Packaging and shipping play major roles in the processes related to manufacturing and distribution. These are essential steps in getting the product from the production line to the end consumer. The quality and practicality of packaging both affects the cost and efficacy of shipping, as well as the safety and security of the goods shipped. A proper strapping machine is thus a vital piece of packaging equipment in the arsenal of any supplier.

From home deliveries to bulk product shipping, we’ve all encountered the work of these machines. A strapping machine wraps flat bands of plastic (or even steel) tightly around packages, boxes or pallets of goods. These bands or straps serve to bundle the products or packages together, and can even be used to secure goods to loading or shipping pallets.

To enjoy the full benefit of this packaging method, it is worth investing in a quality strapping machine of your own. That means getting one from FROMM Packaging Systems – a global leader in quality packing equipment and solutions. Here are six great reasons why:


  1. A choice of products based on your needs

FROMM Packaging Systems offer a wide range of strapping solutions  – from small handheld tools to large tables and machines suitable for mass production and packaging. These include models that can apply plastic as well as metal straps, depending on your needs.


2. Fully customisable solutions

Packaging requirements differ greatly, so each system is custom built to ensure that there is a solution that is perfectly suited for every industry and application. Whatever your unique requirements are, there is a FROMM solution to suit your needs.


3. Integrate it into your production line

Packaging your goods should not be a hassle. Whether yu require a fully automatic or semi-automatic strapping machine, the option you choose can be fully integrated into your production line for maximum convenience and efficiency.


4. Excellent service

Users are used to high quality and top-of-class performance from FROMM Packaging Systems. This dedication to excellence also extends to the FROMM customer experience. With a strong footprint of independent branches and distributors throughout Southern Africa, customers have the necessary support when they need it.


5. Availability of spare parts

While you can rely on a FROMM strapping machine to last, equipment do need some care and attention from time to time. With a presence in South Africa stretching back over two decades, you can rest assured that you won’t struggle to find parts if and when needed.


FROMM Packaging Systems is trusted globally. If you require a strapping machine for your business operation, contact us today.