Strap Tool

Find The Ultimate Strap Tool, No Matter the Task at Hand


There is no doubt that the right tools for the right tasks not only makes the job at hand easier, but also increases your efficiency and improves the results. When it comes to quality, reliable packaging tools, including a wide range of strap tool options for every need, Fromm Packaging Systems have you covered.

We have perfected the design and supply of ideal packaging equipment through sheer dedication to our clients globally across all industries over the past seven decades. Today, you get the result of all that hard work – tools that meet your unique needs best.


Our wide range of quality strap tool options includes the following:

  • Our plastic/polyester strap tool range

The excellent mechanical features of plastic/polyester strapping makes it a great alternative (an often preferred alternative) to the traditional steel strapping used in many industries. The outstanding elongation of polyester strapping delivers a high shock absorption capacity during the handling and transportation of goods.Our range is divided into pneumatic, manual and electric tools – the ideal option would depend on the required tensile strength and volumes of strapping.


  • Our steel strap tool range

The steel strapping tool range is divided into manual and pneumatic tools. Manual tools are ideal for flat objects and goods with small surfaces. Pneumatically powered tools offer faster strapping capabilities, as well as uniformly and ideally tensioned straps.


In addition to our range of handheld strapping tools, we also offer strapping machines and heads for industries who require a solution for strapping larger sizes and volumes of goods.

While we serve customers globally, we also have a local team that is ready to assist with any queries, as well as meet any and all service requirements and supply of parts as and when necessary. This ensures that you always have the right tool for the job, and minimises any potential downtime.

Ultimately, packaging solutions should make your job easier. This is exactly what FROMM Packaging Systems aim for when designing their products. Something as simple as the right strap tool for the job can help your team boost their performance, eliminate frustration on the job, and help you deliver a better product to your consumers. To find out more about the exceptional range of strapping tools and other packaging solutions offered by FROMM Packaging Systems, get in touch with our team today. We’ll gladly help you find the right tools for your trade.