Steel Strapping

The Uses and Benefits of Steel Strapping


The packaging and transport of goods is fundamental to the basic function and survival of almost every industry. The logistics of this shipping involves many factors, not least securing the safety of the goods as well as the safety of the people handling it during the transport and storage phases. Steel strapping is used to bundle large, heavy objects and materials, especially heavy loads with sharp edges and hard corners, as well as reinforce boxes and secure loads to transportation beds.

Typically, steel strapping is made using a combination of steel alloys. While various plastic strapping solutions are also available steel is the strongest option, resulting in the highest breaking point. It is thus more suitable for heavier loads, providing the necessary support without damaging the materials.


Common uses of steel strapping

Because of the special features of steel strapping, as mentioned above, it provides a number of benefits when used in the correct scenarios. Examples of these include:

  • Transporting large, heavy loads that are very stable
  • Long-distance shipping
  • The shipping of goods that have sharp edges, which could potentially damage banding made from softer materials
  • Moving materials that would not suffer abrasion damage from being in contact with steel
  • Bundling goods that will be loaded, unloaded and/or handles multiple times during the shipping process


The benefits of using steel strapping

While it can be more costly to use than it’s plastic counterpart, this cost is justified by the benefits it offers that plastic often cannot provide. These benefits include the following:

  • It boasts the highest tensile strength of all banding solutions.
  • It retains its tension, meaning that it will not stretch out of shape and lose its ability to sufficiently keep loads together and secure.
  • It can withstand changes in temperature without getting damaged.
  • It is suitable to secure very heavy loads, including industrial materials and machinery.


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