Steel Strapping Heads

Reliable Steel Strapping Heads, Suitable for All Industries

When it comes to packaging solutions, FROMM Packaging Systems is the global leader in providing quality machinery and materials needed for the safe and secure packing, bundling, and securing of goods. We offer a wide range of products suitable for just about any need and industry, including class-leading steel strapping heads.


What are steel strapping heads?

These are, so to speak, the heart or core of the machine that applies the straps to parcels, bundles, and packages. These straps serve an important role in manufacturing, transport, and storage functions, as they make it easier to handle goods, provide security against damage and theft, and enable more effective stacking during storage and transport.

FROMM Packaging Systems supply a wide range of strapping heads, including options suitable for steel as well as polyester straps. Each and every unit is manufactured in house, and built to last. Furthermore, they can be trusted to deliver high performance and longevity in even the harshest environments.

The proven FROMM technology featured in each head ensures the fast and efficient strapping of timber, metal, and building products, to name but a few of the heavy-duty industries that make use of our products. In fact, all heads are designed for automatic heavy-duty industrial applications and can be installed at the top, at the side, or on the horizontal plane of any fully automatic strapping machine.


steel strapping head
The MH200 Steel Strapping Head


In addition to the versatility and reliability mentioned above, the additional benefits of FROMM’s steel strapping heads are plentiful, and include:

  • High strap tension
  • High seal efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Long service intervals


Now, great machinery and technology is all good and well, but what are the practical implications for your local business? Is a global manufacturer the right solution? Well, if the manufacturer is FROMM, the answer is yes. While FROMM is trusted by large companies globally, we also have a firm footing in the South African market. This means that you have instant access to new machinery, parts and quality service as and when necessary, ensuring that you don’t have to deal with extended downtime as you wait for repairs.

So, whether you need to strap timber, metal, building products, or anything else, FROMM Packaging Systems offers the ideal steel strapping head for your application. What’s more, our heads can be retrofitted into other systems, making it more cost-effective and convenient for you to switch to FROMM – the market leader. To find out more about our products and services, get in touch with our team today.