In an exciting development for the South African packaging market, Fromm Packaging Systems has launched a multifunctional 3-in-1 strapping tool that delivers consistently on its promise to be Smart, Strong and Safe. The state-of-the-art S-series incorporates the latest in intelligent technology to provide a tool that is not only smart and user-friendly but also offers reliability, robustness and durability, features that have been thoroughly proven in rigorous and quality endurance testing.

Outstanding and smart features of the S-Series include the heavy-duty, easy-to-use colour touchscreen for simple programming and operation. As the screen is ergonomically located in the field of vision of the operator and has clearly readable icons replacing the traditional and wear-vulnerable mechanical buttons, it is highly visible to the operator at all times. Placed in a slanted position and well-sealed to prevent ingress of water, grease and dust, the touchscreen continues to perform even under the most severe conditions.

Selection of manual, semi-automatic or automatic operation is achieved by simply selecting the desired mode on the display, while the teach-in mode makes it possible to set the correct tension force with the swipe of a finger. With its simple one-hand operation and variable settings with pre-set functions, a large number of products can be strapped, whether in series or as variable individual packages. Consistent results are assured by the PIN code locking capability

Other smart features include pre-stored strap types and free configurable strap modes to help the operator set the tool to the specific requirements, and tool cycle and service status monitoring software to advise when servicing is required.

Easy to service and maintain, the tool, which comes in two models, medium and heavy-duty, ensures optimal seal efficiency by means of two strap guides for strap alignment. In addition to the above features, safety of the strapping operation is provided by the ergonomic design of the tool and ease of inserting and removing the strap, as well as by extra finger protection.

“We are delighted to introduce the new S-series, which represents a new era of strapping tools suitable for a wide range of products,” says Denny Reddy, Managing Director, FROMM Packaging Systems SA. “This smart line of tools is indicative of FROMM’s commitment to ongoing technology development to provide the sector with the optimal tool for every application in a fast changing and competitive industrial environment.”


About FROMM Packaging Systems

FROMM is an internationally established, Swiss based company, manufacturing a complete line of packaging products and equipment for unitising and palletising of industrial loads for transport securing. The Fromm Group includes 28 subsidiaries in 17 countries and over 50 independent distributors. The South African operation was founded in Johannesburg, in February 2001 and has expanded its operations throughout the Southern African region, either via independent branches or through distributors.

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Colour touchscreen display
State-of-the-art S-series strapping tool