Polyester Strapping Machine

The Benefits of Using a Polyester Strapping Machine


Securing goods with straps is certainly not a new practice. However, the ways of applying these straps effectively, as well as the materials used for the straps, undergo continuous development to be more effective, reliable and economical. When it comes to industrial use, the initial assumption is often that steel straps would be at the top of the pile of strong, reliable options. This assumption is not accurate. A polyester strapping machine can offer you benefits that you may not be able to get from its steel counterpart.

So what exactly are the benefits that you can get from a polyester strapping machine? The most obvious advantage is that polyester (also known as PP or PET) straps are both stronger and safer to use than its steel counterpart.


Let us take a closer look at the various advantages.

Polyester strapping is characterised by a very consistent tensile strength and a very high elongation. hese straps tend to stretch by about 25% when applied by the machine, but will recover by around 10% shortly after application.

The straps are typically very strong and highly durable. This makes it highly suitable for most types of bundling and packaging.

What’s more, these straps are also usually made from recycled plastic, making it a more environmentally friendly option – a responsibility that should be a high priority for businesses and manufacturers, and one that is certainly important to consumers.

Considering the fact that these straps are made from recycled plastic, it is also logical that they tend to be more affordable than steel straps. This becomes a very important factor when you rely on your polyester strapping machine to handle high volumes of goods.

To ensure you get the full benefit of these advantages, it is essential to make sure that you invest in a quality polyester strapping machine from a reliable supplier. The obvious choice, of course, would be FROMM Packaging Systems.

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