PET Strapping

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Proper packaging plays a crucial role in just about every major industry in the world today, and no-one understands the need for reliable, practical packaging tools better than the team at FROMM. Since FROMM Packaging Systems was founded more than seven decades ago, we have demonstrated a resolute commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We believe that our products can both add value to our customers’ businesses, while also being respectful of the environment to ensure a sustained future for all of us. This is perfectly demonstrated by our PET strapping solutions.


Meeting and exceeding professional packaging needs

PET (also known as polyester) is one of the strongest and highest quality types of plastic, especially when it comes to strapping. This superior quality ensures that PET strapping is softer on tools. It also boasts a very consistent tensile strength and a very high elongation. Typically, it has 17 – 20% elongation potential, which helps to improve safety during packaging and transport.


While the quality of the plastic is important, so is the quality of the manufacturing of the actual strapping. FROMM is committed to always deliver the highest standard with every product and service. This is supported by the fact that our state-of-the-art factory in Caprino, Italy, as well as our new plastics production factory in Kölleda, Germany have been awarded ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications. We guarantee the consistency of the thickness and uniformity of the straightness of our PET strapping products.

We also produce a range of tools to enable the effortless and reliable application of strapping, no matter the size or volume. This range include manual, battery, and pneumatic tools to provide a suitable solution for every situation.


Supporting environmentally-responsible practices

FROMM is continuously working on innovative solutions to further improve our products. We strive to create better products for a better planet. This approach has resulted in FROMM being one of the world’s largest PET recycling companies. Our polyester strapping is made from PET bottles that are recycled at our plant in Wolfen, Germany.

In addition, we have also extensively invested in converting our operations to solar power to lower our carbon footprint, and our production facilities have evolved to meet zero waste to landfill.


Up your packaging game with FROMM Packaging Systems

For more information on PET strapping and the tools used for its application, get in touch with our local South African team. We’re here to offer great products, help, and advice where we can.