Panel Strapping Machine

The Ideal Panel Strapping Machine for Industries Dealing with Lumber and Panels


A crucial part of working with lumber and panels is the effective bundling of these items. This is equally vital for the protection of the material against damage, but also to make the storing, stocking, handling and transport of these items much easier. While a number of storage solutions exist on the market today, it is imperative to choose a quality solution that is truly reliable in order to avoid damage to the materials and subsequent losses for your business. This is exactly the peace of mind that the range of panel strapping machine options from FROMM Packaging Systems offer your business.


This confidence in our range of panel strapping machine models comes from tried and tested experience in the packaging industry. FROMM Packaging Systems has a long and storied history. The company was first established in 1947, quickly evolving into a manufacturer and supplier of innovative packaging solutions for a variety of industries around the globe. Today, FROMM Packaging Systems is a trusted and preferred supplier of packaging solutions for many large businesses in just about every market segment.


Focus on panel strapping machine models PM100 and PM550

While FROMM Packaging Systems offer an extensive range of quality strapping machine options to suit just about every business type and need, the PM100 and PM 550 models are ideal for the bundling and packaging of panel and lumber products.


While similar in many ways, the main difference between these two models is that the PM100 features a head on top, while the head of the PM550 is located on the side. Both models boast an adjustable strap tension option that goes up to a maximum strapping tension of 7 000N, and both make use of strong polyester (PET) straps, which provides the necessary support while simultaneously being easier on the wood, so as not to cause damage.


On the topic of support and protection, these models also include the following features to help protect your lumber and panels:

  • Automatic top corner protectors
  • Automatic bottom wooden runners


These features will help to avoid common damages such as nicks, dents and splintering of especially the exposed corners of bundled lumber and panels that often occur when the necessary precautions are not taken.


To find out more about the details of these panel strapping machine models, including the costs of running, size of the equipment as well as the ease of maintenance that FROMM Packaging Systems provide, get in touch with our expert team today. We will gladly answer all our questions and help you find the model that is perfect for your business needs.