Packaging Tools

A Full Range of Packaging Tools You Can Rely On


No matter what type of industry you are in, if you deal with goods or materials in any shape or form, chances are that you make use of some sort of packaging solution and would require the necessary tools to effectively apply said solution. But where does one find the ideal packaging tools for your needs that also deliver reliable quality?


The answer is, of course, FROMM Packaging Systems. Here are the reasons why:


1. Extensive experience

FROMM has been supplying world-class packaging tools for more than seventy years. This Swiss-based company, first established in 1947, has grown its presence to include 17 countries, including a state-of-the-art factory in Italy and a research centre in Germany that ensures they always deliver innovative products that meet the needs of their clients.


2. Trusted across the world

With such a far reach, rich history and innovative product range, it’s no wonder that FROMM is trusted by a large number of leading companies across the globe. Their packaging tools can be found on just about every continent and in every industry that packages goods or materials, or deals with storage and transportation.


3. Wide range of products

FROMM offers a range of equipment and products to assist with the safe packing, storage and transport of goods and materials, including strapping, wrapping, and protective solutions. These include handheld, semi-automatic and automatic steel and PP/PET strapping machines, as well as stretch wrappers for both large operations and smaller businesses, which includes the materials for these machines.


4. Reliable service

Finding the correct piece of equipment is one thing. Maintaining it is another. What happens when you need it to be serviced, or when a part eventually and inevitably needs to be replaced? FROMM does not only distribute its products locally, but also offers parts and services in South Africa. This gives you the peace of mind that you can get the necessary value out of your equipment, and that downtime will be minimised, if something were to go wrong.


5. Competitive prices

FROMM is the only supplier of strapping equipment in South Africa that manufactures its own products, rather than act as a reseller or distributor of equipment from another brand. As a result of this elimination of a middle man, FROMM is able to provide more competitive pricing on its products, meaning better prices for you.


If you’re looking for state-of-the-art packaging tools you can rely on, look no further than FROMM Packaging Systems. To find out more about their available range and prices, contact the team at FROMM today.