Packaging Companies South Africa

Keep this in Mind when Buying Equipment from Packaging Companies in South Africa


We get it – getting your goods packaged is often a task that is tagged on at the end of the manufacturing process, and certainly not your main focal point. Yes, you do realise why this task is important, but you also want to make sure that it is quick, efficient and most importantly, as affordable as possible. These are all reasons why you should choose carefully when looking at packaging systems and which companies you get them from in South Africa.

Why is your choice of supplier so important?

Not all packaging system companies in South Africa are equal. Choosing the wrong supplier for your business can lead to unnecessary expenses, poor quality solutions, unhappy customers, and even operational interruptions.

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Here are three top features to look for when considering packaging companies in South Africa:


1. Outstanding quality

Suppliers can promise you the world, but do they deliver? Always choose a supplier that has a demonstrable history of delivering exceptional quality. FROMM has been around since 1947, supplying packaging systems to a large variety of companies across the world, as well as in South Africa. We are well-known throughout the world and are trusted for our quality by just about every industry that requires equipment they can rely on.


2. Reliable service

Next, you need to find packaging companies in South Africa that not only supply the necessary equipment and material in this country, but that also has a presence here and can deliver service and support when you need it. Things can go wrong even at the best of times. If you can’t get a local team to service your equipment, or if parts need to be imported from across the globe, this could have detrimental consequences for your production line. FROMM is proud to have a local team ready to assist you.


3. Innovative solutions

As technology evolves, so do our storage, transport, and packaging options. Make sure you choose a supplier like FROMM that stays ahead of the curve to always bring our customers the best possible solutions. Faster systems, lighter weight materials, and more effective solutions all work together to save you time, money, and effort, which could really make a difference to the bottom line of your business.


If you’re looking for reliable packaging companies in South Africa, look no further than FROMM. Contact the team today to find out what system solutions we can offer you, and how this can support your business operations, your bottom line, and your customers.