New FROMM strapping tool P331

The P331 plastic strapping tool is completing our range of battery powered strapping tools for heavy duty applications suitable for strapping widths up to 32 mm.

This size of PET strapping can replace heavy duty steel strapping applications and generates major cost savings. The huge tension force up to 7000 N pulls the strongest PET strapping sizes into the ideal working range to benefit from a great shock absorption capacity.


  • Applicable for PET strapping for sizes from 19 to 32 mm (3/4 – 1 ¼”)
    and thicknesses from 0.60 to 1.53 mm (.024 – .060”)
  • Suitable for plain and embossed strapping
  • Strap tension adjustable from 1200 to 7000 N (270 – 1575 lbs)
  • Strap tension speed max. 63 mm/s (2.5 inch/s)
  • Tool weight 6.4 kg (14.1 lbs) including 4.0 Ah battery

The new P331 tool will be available for all strapping dimensions as a one-button tool as well as a two-button tool.

The one-button tool is operating automatically. You just press the tension button shortly and the process starts. After reaching the adjusted strap tension the sealing cycle is initiated automatically.

The two-button tool can be operated in a manual as well as in a semi-automatic mode.


P331_EN [857 KB]