Industrial Wrapping Solutions

Industrial Wrapping Solutions for Every Business Need


Quality results require quality solutions. This is an inevitable fact of any successful business. This applies to all aspects, including industrial wrapping solutions. FROMM Packaging Systems is a global leader in providing the right tool for the job – both in terms of quality and purpose. We cater for every packaging need. Take a look at our range of machine wrappers:


FROMM Packaging Systems’ range of industrial wrapping solutions:


Budget Stretch Wrappers

Our range of budget stretch wrappers – the FS310 and FS330 Series – is semi-automated and designed to be extremely user friendly. They are easy and economical to use, especially for smaller scale operations. Furthermore, the turntables are available in various layouts and dimensions to ensure that these wrappers are suitable to just about any business.


Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers

The FROMM FS400 Series is easy to operate and comes with 30 wrapping programmes, ensuring that this industrial wrapper provides extremely flexible solutions that are suitable for almost all pallet formats and loads imaginable. The 2-motor pre-stretch unit makes it possible to realise a pre-stretch of up to 400%, which reduces film consumption and allows top results at lower costs.


Robot Stretch Wrappers

The FS500 and FR Series provide a range of machines with specific features designed to provide wrapping solutions that meet the unique needs of different industrial applications. Select features that appear in this range include joysticks for easy handling, multiple wrapping programmes, various pre-stretch systems, solutions for highly unstable pallets, and the ability to handle high workloads.


Stretch Wrappers for Smaller Users

Just as industries vary, so do their wrapping needs. Not all objects to be wrapped are pallets and the like. In some industries, there is a need to wrap smaller parcels. For this, FROMM presents the FV205, with a maximum pack format of 250 x 200 mm and a maximum pack weight of 25 kg. This category also includes the FV400 and FV600 for bigger packages.


Stretch Film

In addition to a range of high-performance machines, FROMM Packaging Systems also provides high-quality stretch film. We firmly believe that higher quality film, the more cost effective the operation. This is because you can avoid tears and subsequent wastage. Our STARstretch Super High Performance stretch film is available in four different thicknesses and is compatible with all our machines.

If you are looking for the top wrappers and stretch film for your business, FROMM Packaging Systems is the answer. For more information on our range of Industrial wrapping solutions, contact the FROMM team today.