FROMM OMC-V2000 wrapping machine combines benefits of modular, automated approach with enhanced load protection and stability

The OMC-V2000 vertical ring wrapping machine available from leading packaging supplier, FROMM Packaging Systems (“FROMM”), offers the South African manufacturing industry the most robust, automatic vertical spiral or band wrapping solution on the market, for application with or without pallets.

Designed for ease of use and enhanced load stability, the modular FROMM OMC-V2000 automatically secures loads with 25 cm wide power pre-stretch film. In addition, the film carriage provides the ability to rope the film to a film band of about 1 cm wide, thereby creating a strong, elastic, low-density polyethylene film band.

Providing fast and reliable application of the film bands, the FROMM OMC-V200 allows for bands to be placed independently or to create cross connections between several bands to secure load stabilization during transport and storage. The well-balanced holding force with no to low corner pressure means that the risk of damage to the product is considerably reduced. The pressure on the corners is distributed over a width of approximately 10 cm and corner protectors are therefore, in principle, unnecessary. To realize the highest possible capacity, bands are wrapped without sealing/ cutting in between.

Productivity is further enhanced with the use of the optional Automatic Film Roll Changer, providing for one to three rolls, which allows for longer production hours without operator intervention. This considerably reduces machine downtime and increases line speed.

Suitable for a wide variety of products, the FROMM OMC-V2000 machine can handle pack sizes of between 40 cm and 120 cm wide and high, and unlimited multiple pack lengths.

“The OMC-V2000 machine is indicative of FROMM’s innovative approach to ensuring the highest possible level of product protection and load securing, combined with a user and ergonomically friendly operation,” says Denny Reddy, Managing Director, FROMM Packaging Systems SA. “The flexibility provided by our packaging products and equipment enables FROMM to consistently meet its clients’ requirements with a customised solution.”

FROMM provides the full range of strapping systems from hand systems (strapping tools) to fully automatic strapping machines, with full service support on all of its equipment over the complete product lifecycle.