Film Wrapping Machine

The Ideal Film Wrapping Machine for Any and Every Application


Nowadays, it is safe to say that just about every industry that deals with any kind of material or produces any products, requires the use of a film wrapping machine. From packing to shipping to storage, goods that are wrapped are much easier to handle, stack and keep safe from damage and theft.

The question is not whether film wrapping is a necessary activity. The issue is which machine to use to effectively and securely wrap your specific goods. There are a number of factors that influence which equipment you choose, such as:

  • the type of goods to be wrapped
  • the size of the goods
  • the dimension of the goods
  • how much needs to be wrapped
  • how fast the production chain is moving
  • how secure you want the goods
  • whether you want it wrapped for storage or shipping


These are the basic considerations, but there can be more factors that influence your choice of film wrapping machine. With industries differing so vastly in terms of their output, one cannot expect one type of equipment to be equally effective in meeting the range of needs.

This is, of course, not a problem when getting your packaging equipment from FROMM Packaging Systems. FROMM has been supplying industries across the globe with quality packaging solutions for over seven decades. As part of their extensive network, Octomeca is a manufacturer of a variety of film wrapping machine options to meet every demand on the market. These machines include:


The Octomeca H-Series – These horizontal, fully automatic machines with rotating arms are designed for horizontal stretch wrapping of different loads, with or without pallets, and are one of the most robust and reliable options available for industrial use.

The Octomeca V-Series – This is a vertical, fully automated wrapper where the product is transported through a vertically rotating ring to be completely wrapped (spiral) or locally provided with narrow foil bands.

The Octomeca R-Series – These machines are ideal when you need to wrap any kind of coil, including coils of paper, steel, aluminium or composite.They can be equipped with a rotating arm to wrap around an axis, or a linear moving unit to be used as a radial stretch wrapper.

The Octomeca CW-Series – This is a curtain wall wrapper that can be used for large rectangular products that require weather-resistant protection with high brand recognition. The final packaging is formed by placing a top sheet in between two layers of side film.


To find out more about the film wrapping machine options offered by FROMM Packaging Systems, get in touch with our team right away.