EFB – Economic semi-automatic line of strap feeders

We are very pleased to announce the new semi-automatic line of strap feeders. The new EFB line is very competitive in pricing and improves the labour as two operators on both sides of the conveyor are no longer required.





Advantages of the new system:

• Strap feeding systems reduce the total strapping time substantially
compared to manual feeding methods
• Save labour: operators on both sides of the conveyor are no longer
• User friendly: easy strap insert inside pallet or around high/wide packs
• The rugged feeding systems have been designed for continuous and
shift operations demanding a high working reliability
• Easy handling allows swift operation
• A wide variety of different feeding systems in standard and special
dimensions are available
• Every feeding system is built for the requirement of the customer
• A suspension device with a running wagon for the strapping tool
and a foot pedal to start the feeding operations are supplied with
the system
• Easy installation, only pneumatically controlled
• The strap is placed with the right angle to the pack to avoid loss of
strap tension. Safety fences are not necessary in case of stationary

Please contact our Fromm partners and subsidiaries for specification and price requests.


Datasheet_EFB_01 [388 KB]