Eco-Friendly Packaging

How We Approach Eco-Friendly Packaging Solutions from 3 Different Angles


Proper packaging plays, without a doubt, a key role in the successful storage and transportation of goods and materials across all industries. It serves to bundle objects, make them easier to handle, protect them against damage, and even help to deter theft, to name but a few of its functions. The flipside to their usefulness, is that packaging is often not very eco-friendly. Too often it is simply discarded without a second thought, creating excessive waste. When made with materials that can be damaging to the environment, this offers an ecological threat if not disposed of correctly.


As a leading global supplier of packaging solutions, the team at FROMM recognises our responsibility to ensure we provide eco-friendly products to meet the demands of our clients and their customers and do our part to look after the well-being of our planet.


We approach the provision of eco-friendly packaging solutions in three ways:


1. Recyclable materials

Our popular strapping machines make use of steel straps or PET (Polyester) straps. PET is a highly recyclable material, which means it can be reused rather than end up in landfills. We’ve partnered with ALPLA and together we operate recycling plants for PET bottles, thus ensuring the necessary supply of materials for both our production facilities.


2. Weight reduction

There is so much more to being eco-friendly than simply using recyclable packaging materials. We’ve also introduced airpads, which provide padding inside packages to protect the content, yet weigh a fraction of other padding solutions, such as bubble wrap. This is due to the fact that these airpads are 99% air and only 1% film. Less weight means easier transport that uses less fuel and sports a lower carbon footprint as a result.

Airpads are 99% air – providing a more eco-friendly solution


3. Innovative materials

While our standard airpads are reusable and the film is recyclable, we’ve also invested in developing an alternative eco-friendly packaging solution – paper pads. As the name suggests, these pads are made from paper (75% recycled), instead of plastic film, to bring you a solution that sports the efficiency of air cushions while also providing you with a responsible environmental image.


Delivering eco-friendly packaging solutions require a multi-pronged approach that goes beyond mere recycling and addresses all aspects of storage and transport. The team at FROMM knows this, and we use our extensive experience to develop products and solutions that deliver exactly this. With more than 70 years in the industry, we have in-depth knowledge of what our customers want and need. Contact us for more information on our range of innovative solutions.