Automatic Strapping Machine

How an Automatic Strapping Machine Adds Value to Your Business


There is no denying that technology has – and continues to – help us improve the efficiency with which we run our businesses. Automation has allowed us to take care of menial tasks without constant human input or control, making it possible for us to put our skills to better use and be more effective than before. This is exactly what benefit you get when switching to an automatic strapping machine.


The process of strapping is an essential one in a large variety of industries today. It allows us to package, bundle, close, attach, and secure a number of products and materials for storage and transport. Not only is it a practical solution, but also one that offers protection to the goods in question, and helps to save money potentially lost to damages and theft. Applying these straps is, however, a menial task that can easily be done by an automatic machine, saving even more time and money.


Automatic Strapping Machine
Automatic Strapping Machines from Fromm Packaging Systems


Ultimately, that is the goal of managing any business – increasing efficiency to maximise profitability and thereby ensure long-term sustainability.


In simple terms, the function of an automatic strapping machine is to apply a strap to an item in order to stabilise it. This could mean securing it to something else, or bundling it to make it easier to move around. While hand-operated tools were initially used to accommodate different shapes and sizes, the advancement of automated machines have made these more popular and practical in recent years.


An automatic strapping machine can be prepared and set up to accommodate the exact dimensions of the goods to be strapped in a defined business environment. Once the initial setup has been configured, the automatic strapping machine is by far the simplest and fastest method of applying straps to goods. The device wraps the parcel, applies the programmed tension, and cuts the strap at the push of a button.


FROMM Packaging Systems is a leading manufacturer and supplier of manual, semi-automatic and automatic strapping machines globally. Not only do we supply machines to a wide variety of industries, we also customise our equipment to meet the exact packaging requirements of the respective industries and applications. Additionally, we provide the necessary service and support to ensure that each machine operates optimally and provides the owner with great value.


For more information on what automatic strapping machine would suit your business needs best, contact the expert team at FROMM Packaging Systems.