5 Excellent Reasons to Switch to Airpads for Safe Packaging


Proper packaging is as much a fine art as it is a necessity. Failing to protect shipped goods properly can lead to significant losses, while poorly planned packaging can lead to inefficiency and bloated shipping costs. The exceptional versatility and durability of airpads make them the ideal packaging material for a wide variety of applications.

Airpads are the large, air-filled pockets that are used to secure items inside packaging to protect them from shaking around and getting damaged. We’ve all seen them – these nifty pads have taken the packaging world by storm of late, and for good reason. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should switch to using airpads:

  1. Versatile application

From bedroom lamps to automotive spare parts – airpads are the perfect fit. This versatile packing solution is highly flexible and does not require the addition of any other internal packaging material They can be used to safely and securely packaging just about anything, including:


  • Computers and electronics
  • All kinds of spare parts
  • Communication equipment
  • Cosmetics
  • Lamps and lights
  • Machinery
  • Furniture
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Software
  • Entertainment devices
  • Mail orders


  1. Peace of mind

When using airpads in your packaging, you can rest assured that your goods are excellently protected against shock and other impacts. The design provides superior safety thanks to the high-impact absorption capacity of each separate element – a single pad can withstand an impact of over 1000 N, depending on the film used.


  1. It weighs very, very little

When you consider that airpads are 99% air and 1% plastic, it’s no wonder that they weigh basically nothing. Weight often plays a huge role in shipping logistics and, generally speaking, less weight is better for shipping and transport in just about every way.


  1. Save on costs

Less material, less weight when shipping, and less risk of damage form a holy trifecta when it comes to saving on shipping costs and related expenses. In addition, this solution can also help support your effort to provide the necessary value to customers that help encourage repeat business.


  1. Better for the environment

While packaging materials are essential in many ways, it is also no secret that it generates a lot of waste. time to change that. Considering that these pads are 99% air and only 1% film, you can expect less waste in your packaging. Furthermore, they are both reusable and recyclable.

For more information on airpads and how you can take advantage of this solution, contact FROMM Packaging Systems, a worldwide leader in packaging solutions.