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Fully Automatic Strapping System

Fully Automatic Strapping System

5 Reasons Why a Fully Automatic Strapping System Is an Absolute Game-Changer for Your Business

No matter what industry you are in, if you work with goods or products in any shape or form, chances are that you are familiar with the process of strapping and understand why this forms such an important part of the production process. Proper packaging delivers a wide range of benefits – from bundling and securing goods for easier handling and shipping, to offering protection against damage and/or theft. What’s more, if you convert to a fully automatic strapping system, you could potentially multiply the benefits for your business.

How is this possible? Let’s take a closer look at just some of the additional benefits you will experience when investing in a fully automatic strapping system:

1. Improved safety

These automated machines are designed to be easy and safe to operate. They come with a number of safety features to protect operators and other workers that are designed to protect your team from moving parts, awkward loads and positions, and heated metal, where applicable. All of this helps to eliminate the risk of injury and downtime.

2. Consistent quality and accuracy

Unlike manual or hand strapping systems, a fully automatic strapping system is preprogrammed to ensure that every package of bundle is strapped in exactly the same way. This means that every single package is uniform in terms of the strap placement, as well as the tension applied to the strap of each package.

3. Increased efficiency and productivity

The bigger your workload is, the more you will experience the incredible benefits of a fully automatic strapping system. In addition to accuracy, an automated system also adds speed to your process. What’s more, many of these systems can be integrated into your existing production line to save even more handling time.

4. Reduced labour costs

In short, you need less hands on deck to execute the required strapping. By automating the packaging process and reducing handling requirements, you can free up your workforce to spend their time and effort on other, more meaningful tasks.

5. Less wastage

This goes for time, money, goods, and packaging materials. Because of the consistency of the strapping applied by a fully automatic system, there is less waste in terms of straps, less damage to packages, and more time saved – all of which translates to money savings!

To find out how to switch over to a fully automatic strapping system, get in touch with the team at FROMM Packaging Systems. With 75 years of experience, we have a quality range of equipment available for you, including the model that will be perfect for your business!

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