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Automatic Packaging Machines

Automatic Packaging Machines

Discover Our Range of Automatic Packaging Machines, Including Wrapping and Strapping Solutions

For decades, FROMM Packaging Systems have been working nonstop to develop and manufacture the best possible automatic packaging machines with one goal in mind – to make it easier for our customers to do better business, whatever their industry.

Founded in 1947, FROMM Packaging Systems is committed to the development of innovative products that meets the expectations of our customers around the world. Our aim is to find that absolute sweet spot where efficiency and affordability meets ease of use and unbeatable quality. Why? Because we’re proud of the equipment we deliver, and because we believe that the success of our customers is a direct reflection of our success.

How do we do this? By knowing and understanding the needs of our customers around the globe, and designing a range of products to meet these demands. We know that different businesses have different needs, and our range of automatic packaging machines and other innovative solutions reflect this.

Specifically focussing on automatic packaging machines, our range include the following:

The FROMM PM and AM series automated strapping machines offer compact and reliable solutions for fully automatic horizontal and vertical strapping with steel or plastic straps. Our machines can be modular built or individually adapted to the exact wishes of the customer to allow for the strapping of all kinds of large, small and uneven packages in different directions, while aiming to achieve the highest possible level of load security at the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

For our fully automatic stretch wrapping solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of Octomeca machines. These state-of-the-art film wrappers, with their modular construction and tailor-made specials full of innovations ensure that we are a leading global player in the field of cargo securing. Both horizontal and vertical film wrapping solutions are available, which allow us to solve different packaging challenges for our customers.

In addition to these automatic packaging machines, we also boast a variety of semi-automatic wrapping and strapping machines, as well as manual tools for smaller businesses.

FROMM Packaging Systems strives to be the industry benchmark by offering tailored and flexible products, unforgettably great service and a lifelong commitment to our customers. So, if you need any type of automatic packaging machines to complement your business operations, get in touch with our team of experts. Our dedicated team will do what it takes to deliver the highest quality products to you, keeping your best interest at heart.

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