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Automated Packaging Solutions

How Automated Packaging Solutions Can Help Your Business Performance Soar


It is more than a mere nice-to-have on the workroom floor. Packaging is an essential part of a vast number of business operations, and automated solutions can help your business achieve greater success in a number of ways that benefit everyone involved.


Let’s take a look at strapping machines as an excellent example. While there are a number of high-quality manual strapping machines available, these quickly become cumbersome as the volume of packages or units increase. A simplistic and effective packaging solution becomes an obstacles that slows down production. Automated solutions however, can help you avoid this obstacle.


Here are some of the most impactful benefits automated packaging solutions can offer your business:


1. Increase in production speed

As mentioned above, the most obvious benefit is an increase in the speed at which your team operates. This increase in speed both helps to alleviate pressure related to delivery deadlines and allows your team to achieve more in less time.

2. Less downtime

People need to take breaks, which could mean a pause in the production line. However, an automated system do not need breaks, and can continue with repetitive tasks while your team refreshes and recharges their batteries.


3. Minimise the occurrence of bottlenecks

No matter how well-trained your team is, human error is inevitable when it comes to the consistent application of tension strength. Packaging errors could delay parts of the workflow, causing bottlenecks that result in delays across all sections. Machine strapping, on the other hand, can support an even, steady flow of work with consistent results.


4. Reduces the possibility of injury in the workplace

Not all work-related injuries are due to accidents. Repetitive strain injuries occur when employees are required to perform repetitive movements or tasks continuously for extended periods. By automating your packaging process or parts thereof can help to limit the occurrence of these types of injuries among your team members.


5. Improved customer service

Automated packaging solutions can help you improve your customer service in two ways:

  1. By helping you speed up your production line, thus getting the goods to you customer faster and more efficiently; and
  2. By decreasing the prevalence of defects and damaged goods caused by human error and/or inconsistent packaging.


Now, no two businesses are the same In order to fully realise these benefits, it is important to identify the automated packaging solutions that are best suited to your specific business. Not to worry. Simply get in touch with the expert team at FROMM Packaging Systems. We’ll gladly help you identify exactly what your business needs to help it soar.