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Airpad AP502

You have the possibility to produce your own void-filling and protective material on site, as needed and as demanded by your goods. The easy operation of the AP502 allows to produce different sizes of pads needed by calling on the memorised programs. You produce the exact quantity demanded by your immediate needs. The innovative concept of producing your own protective material and the proven reliability of the AP502 machine have made it a system of choice among leading manufacturers and distribution centres.



  • Programm enable the production of multiple pad sizes
  • Change of program at the touch of a button
  • New: double speed

Length packed:

1200 mm / 47"


767 mm / 30"


1292 mm / 51"


228 kg / 503 lbs

Power supply:

115 / 230V - 50 / 60 Hz

Marketing material:

Brochure AP502 [412 KB]