Fromm Packaging Systems


The new compact Airpad AP250 table top machine of Fromm follow the revolutionary idea of the successful Airpad machines AP502 and AP503.

This machine is versatile and designed to be plug play devices; it is a fast, simple and compact machine packed with the latest technologies. It produces different pad sizes only at a touch of a button and not by changing film rolls. Padsizes from 110 mm to 400 mm can be produced. It also grants lower costs by using folded flat films without pre-seals and pre-perforation.

AP250 Machine

strapping machine


Pad sizes

from 120 - 400 mm programmable

Film width:

210 mm

Film thickness:

from 25 to 50 my

Film quality:

PE and PE/PA

Power supply:

115 / 230V - 50 / 60 Hz