Fromm Packaging Systems



The Airpad mats are superior thanks to the high impact absorption capacity of each separate Airpad element. A single pad can withstand an impact of over 1000 N, depending on the film used. Your goods are excellently protected against shock and other impacts. These characteristics also apply for delicate items without the use of any further packaging material. The range of pad sizes lets you efficiently customize your packaging operation. This system has been proven effective for any type of shipment and transportation.
Fiels of applications
High shock absorption
No extra interior packaging
Highly loadable
Fixing without compromise
Ideally protected
Which film for which packaging application?

1 . Cushion:
Absorbs shock
Protects product

2 . Block and brace:
Holds heavy items or single objects inside the box

3 . Void fill:
Fills empty space and keeps products from rattling in the box

4 . Wrap:
Covers product services to avoid contact damage and provides optimal protection against scuffing and scratching