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Airpad Protective Packaging Film

Airpad Protective Packaging Film

4 Great Reasons Why You Should Switch to FROMM’s Airpad Protective Packaging Film

Proper packaging is a necessity in modern business. With shipping, handling and storage forming a large part of goods delivery, protecting your product is vital to secure profit margins and keep customers happy. The challenge is to make sure that your chosen solution is effective, practical, sustainable as well as affordable. FROMM’s Airpad protective packaging film delivers on all of these requirements, and more.

Typically, protection inside packages are provided by products such as bubble wrap, void-filling styrofoam beans or pellets, or paper. The problems with these products are that they add a significant amount of weight, which can increase transportation or shipping costs, they are not environmentally friendly, and they can become an expensive addition to your overhead costs.

However, not using some sort of protection in your packages is not worth the risk. It can lead to damage, profit loss and unsatisfied customers. Luckily, FROMM’s Airpad protective packaging film provides the solution you need.

Let’s take a look at some of the most compelling reasons why you should switch to FROMM’s Airpad protective packaging film:

1. Superior protection

The Airpad product protection and void-filling material consists of air cushions available in many different sizes, which are vertically and horizontally connected and wound into large rolls. These strips are laterally perforated, allowing you to tear off the appropriate length of cushion material required. This means that you can fill any and every space perfectly. The film is very strong and can handle high pressures, making it a reliable protective unit.

2. Lower costs

Airpad protective material consists of 99% air and 1% film. Less material, less weight and less storage space result in lower costs and substantial overall savings. In fact, the savings over competitive systems are between 30 and 50%, while the lower weight also results in substantial freight savings.

3. Extremely versatile

Airpads are clean, free of dust, antistatic, and very strong, ensuring that they are suitable for a wide range of industries and applications, including:

4. Environmentally sustainable

Airpads are reusable and recyclable. Furthermore, compared to other protective packaging solutions, airpads use much less material, which means that much less goes to waste once they are discarded.

For more information on FROMM’s Airpad protective packaging solutions, as well as where to find the equipment and film, get in touch with the local FROMM Packaging Systems team. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions and help you find the solutions that are best suited to your business needs.

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