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FROMM Airpad machines

Product protection & void-filling with air
The compact, portable and easy-to-use Airpad machine produces protective packaging and void-filling material at the touch of a button. No operator is required. Airpad is made from two rolls of flat film which are inflated with air, heat sealed and perforated. The formed pads are then coiled into a large light-weight roll.The Airpad system is covered by worldwide patents.
Production of different pad sizes at a touch of a button and not by changing film rolls Pad sizes from 120mm to 400mm Lower costs by using folded flat films without pre-seals and pre-perforation
Airpad AP502 You have the possibility to produce your own void-filling and protective material on site, as needed and as demanded by your goods. of the AP502 allows to produce different sizes of pads needed by calling on the memorised programs.

FROMM’s bubble on demand materials are suitable for bottom and side wrapping of various shapes products. It ensures optimal protection and requires minimal storage space and handling.


Wide range of film qualities and cushions format to ensure using the right film and the right pad for diverse applications.