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Protection For Transporting Goods

Superior Protection for Transporting Goods: Why FROMM Airpad Film Solutions Lead the Way


In today’s competitive marketplace, transporting goods efficiently and safely is absolutely vital for any business that wants to be successful. Ensuring the protection of merchandise, stock or materials during transit isn’t just about avoiding breakages; it’s about safeguarding your reputation, reducing costs, and maintaining customer satisfaction.


Importance of Providing Protection when Transporting Goods

Items in transit are susceptible to various risks, including rough handling, environmental factors, and logistical challenges. Without adequate protection, these risks can lead to damage, spoilage, or even complete loss of stock. This not only impacts your bottom line but can also cause irreparable damage to the reputation of your business.


Benefits of Taking Proper Protective Precautions

Businesses that invest in proper protective precautions regarding the safety of materials or stock during transit reap numerous benefits. These include minimising product damage, reducing returns and replacements, enhancing customer satisfaction, and ultimately improving profitability. Additionally, demonstrating a commitment to quality through reliable packaging can build trust and loyalty among customers.


FROMM Airpad Film: The Ultimate Solution

FROMM Packaging Systems addresses the challenges of providing reliable protection when transporting goods with our innovative airpad film products. These cushions provide superior protection by absorbing shocks and vibrations, effectively securing items of any shape or size. The result is that your cargo arrives at its destination in pristine condition, regardless of the rigours of the journey.


Benefits of Airpad Film Compared to Traditional Packaging

Compared to traditional protective packaging materials like bubble wrap or foam peanuts, airpad film offers several advantages. It is lightweight, reducing shipping costs, and environmentally friendly, as it is recyclable and produces less waste. Airpad film also takes up less storage space and is highly versatile, adapting to the shape of the product for maximum protection.


FROMM Airpad Machines: Create Your Own Cushions

FROMM’s airpad machines allow businesses to produce custom airpad cushions on-demand, providing flexibility and efficiency in packaging operations. With these machines, companies can tailor the size and quantity of airpad cushions according to their specific needs, eliminating the need for excess inventory and further reducing packaging waste.


FROMM Airpad Film Supply

FROMM also offers a range of airpad film products to suit different packaging requirements, from standard to heavy-duty applications. The high-quality films ensure consistent performance and reliability, providing peace of mind to businesses relying on protection when transporting their goods.

The bottom line is that protecting goods during transit is essential for businesses looking to maintain their competitive edge in today’s market. Contact FROMM today to learn more about how we can help you provide reliable protection for transporting goods.

Automated Stretch Wrappers

How FROMM’s Automated Stretch Wrappers Can Help You Improve Your Company‚Äôs Performance


From safeguarding goods during transit to enhancing storage efficiency, stretch wrapping plays a crucial role in the packaging process. In fact, you can say it is a fundamental aspect of modern packaging, offering a secure and cost-effective solution for businesses across various industries. Locally, FROMM Packaging Systems leads the way with its innovative range of automated stretch wrappers, designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses big and small.


Understanding Stretch Wrapping

This process involves securing a load or pallet with a stretchable film, thereby providing stability and protection. It is widely used in warehouses, distribution centres, and manufacturing facilities for unitising products, improving load integrity, and reducing the risk of damage during handling and transportation.


FROMM’s Automated Stretch Wrappers

FROMM offers a comprehensive selection of automated stretch wrappers tailored to the South African market. Our range includes models such as the FSW360 and FSW380, equipped with advanced features for enhanced performance and efficiency. These machines boast a range of features such as variable wrap settings, adjustable turntable speeds, and intuitive controls for ease of use. They are built to deliver consistent and reliable performance, thereby ensuring secure and stable loads every time. With robust construction and high-quality components, our models are built to withstand the rigours of heavy-duty industrial environments, providing long-lasting durability and reliability.

Complementing the automated stretch wrappers, FROMM provides a variety of films engineered for optimal performance and reliability. These films are available in different thicknesses and formulations to suit various applications, offering superior load containment, puncture resistance, and elongation properties. Additionally, FROMM’s these films are compatible with all our automated stretch wrappers, ensuring seamless integration and consistent results.


Why Trust FROMM

Founded in 1947, we boast decades of experience in the packaging industry, ensuring that we are one of the most trusted providers of packaging solutions globally. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a trusted partner for packaging solutions and has earned us a reputation for excellence and innovation in the field. Furthermore, our dedication to continuous improvement and technological advancement ensures that our products meet the evolving needs of businesses in South Africa and beyond.

FROMM Packaging Systems offers your business the advantage of advanced machinery and high-quality stretch films, allowing you to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline your packaging processes. Contact your local FROMM team today to discover how our automated stretch wrappers can elevate your packaging operations and boost the performance of your business.