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Packaging Automation Can Give Your Business a Vital Boost


We all know that the phrase “one size fits all” hardly ever applies to real-life situations. This is especially true when it comes to running a business. Yes, there are certain truths and insights that apply across industries and that we can all learn from. Yet, to truly optimise the efficiency of your business, you need to understand its unique needs and focus on those things that can improve your delivery. Packaging automation is one of those advancements that can help you effectively deal with menial tasks while you focus on the areas that truly need your attention.


How packaging automation boosts your business efforts


  • It increases efficiency


The most obvious benefit of packaging automation is the fact that it boosts the efficiency of your operation. This repetitive, albeit necessary, task is done by machine. You can tailor the process to your specific needs, control the quality of the process, and ensure that this quality is uniformly applied across all packaged items. All that is required to ensure this, is quality equipment and an informed and considered setup.


  • It allows you to apply resources more effectively


The best way to ensure that your business is sustainable, is to apply your available resources in the most effective way possible – and there is no more valuable resource than the team of people who work for you. Instead of wasting a resource on monitoring or executing a menial manual process like packaging, automation allows you to use your team in better ways where their effort adds more value to your business.


Get a solution that is tailored to your needs

For packaging automation solutions to truly add value to your business endeavours, you need to invest in an option that is finely tailored to your specific needs. Not all solutions deliver the same results, so it’s essential to partner with an expert that can help you find the solution that is right for your business. While quality equipment is important, the upfront setup and programming of this equipment is a vital part of making sure that you enjoy the full benefit that automation has to offer.


Partner with a trusted supplier


FROMM Packaging Systems has been around since 1947, providing quality solutions to companies across the globe. With offices in South Africa, we’re ready to share our expertise and quality packaging automation products with you. Contact the team at FROMM Packaging Systems to discuss your unique business needs, and let us guide you to a solution that is right for your business to help you take your performance to the next level.

Ring Wrapping Machine

The Only Ring Wrapping Machine Your Business Will Ever Need


For any industry where speed, efficiency and reliability are essential factors for success – and, let’s face it, these are vital for any business – FROMM Packaging Systems has the ideal packaging solutions, trusted by companies across the world. From our state-of-the-art Octomeca ring wrapping machine to eco-friendly airpads, we have the solution you need to make your life a lot easier.


This article will specifically take a closer look at the Octomeca ring wrapping machine – or series of machines, to be exact. But, before we get there, why choose such a key machine within your production line from FROMM and Octomeca?


FROMM is an internationally established, Swiss-based company that was founded in 1947 and has been delivering world-class packaging solutions to a vast range of industries since then. In 2017, we joined forces with Octomeca – a Finnish tech company, founded in 1989. Together, we design, manufacture and distribute premium-class stretch wrappers.


These top-of-the-range machines include the aforementioned ring wrapping machine series, also known as the OMC V-Series.


How do the Octomeca V-Series machines work?

The product is transported through a vertically rotating ring through which it can either be completely wrapped (using a spiral technique), or locally provided with narrow foil bands (also known as band wrapping or roping). Bunks or beams can also be wrapped and secured to the package for additional support and ease of handling. We offer a range of options to meet a range of industry needs and, ultimately, the machine size is defined by the maximum diagonal of the product that needs to be wrapped.


In fact, we design and manufacture the largest vertical ring wrappers in the world, supplying our solutions to a vast array of industries. For extremely large items, like EPS blocks, we provide the innovative OMC-VO machine – instead of a traditional ring, it uses a rectangular track, which is based on the product dimensions.


Because of the range of industries we service, there are a number of requirements our equipment should meet. Main features that are available to meet specific demands include:

  • Integrated top sheet or product end closing equipment
  • Automatic roll changers
  • Power-Pre-Stretch carriage
  • Height adjustment kit for big load size compensation
  • Load support rollers on the top and/or side
  • Wrapzone conveyors for various loads


Aside from manufacturing and supplying high-quality stretch wrappers, such as our ring wrapping machine range, we also focus on delivering excellent service and maintenance. Taking care of our customers is central to our business, and we aim to deliver long-lasting, hassle-free solutions. Contact us for more information.