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Budget Stretch Wrapper
Stretch Wrapping Machine

FS3xx Series Stretch Wrapping Machine

This FROMM budget stretch wrapper line is extremely user-friendly and can be used in every situation. The FS3xxx Series, in particular, is highly suited to use by smaller-scale film users. Extra emphasis was placed during the design stage on safety and reliability. All the machines are designed to cope with a high workload. The use of carefully selected components keeps maintenance to a minimum.


1500 / 1650 / 1800 mm

Maximum pallet format:

1250 x 1200 mm

Maximum pallet weight:

2000 kg

Maximum pallet height:

2800 mm

Power supply:

230 V - 50/60 Hz

Stretch Wrapping MachineDatasheet FS3xx Packaging Machines

Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper
Stretch Wrapping Machine

FS4xx Series Stretch Wrapping Machine

This semi-automatic strapping machine comes with 30 wrapping programs, equipped with a 2-motor power pre-stretch system,which is easy to operate from the touch button control panel, realising a pre-stretch between 10% and 400%. High pre-stretch reduces film consumption, enabling you to achieve the best results at the lowest possible costs, with optimal pallet stabilisation and product protection.

1650 mm

Maximum pallet format:

1100 x 1200 mm

Maximum pallet weight:

2000 kg

Maximum pallet height:

2050 mm

Power supply:

230 V - 50/60 Hz

Stretch Wrapping MachineDatasheet FS4xx Packaging Machines
Semi Automatic Robot Stretch Wrapper
Stretch Wrapping Machine

FR Series Stretch Wrapping Machine

The semi-automatic robot stretch wrapping machines, with multiple wrapping programs and various pre-stretch systems is suitable for customers who need to wrap a wide range of large pallets or for situations where stretch wrapping takes place in various locations. With the battery fully charged, it can wrap up to 220 Euro pallets.


Maximum pallet height:

2000 mm

Rechargeable traction battery:

24 V - 110 Ah

Charging power supply:

230 V - 50/60 Hz

Stretch Wrapping MachineDatasheet FR Series Packaging Machines

Stretch Wrapper for Unstable Pallets
Stretch Wrapping Machine

FS500 Stretch Wrapping Machine

FROMM has the ideal solution for highly unstable pallets. The pallet is placed under the machine or on a conveyorline, and the arm then rotates around the pallet and wraps it neatly in film. The 1-motor pre-stretch unit, with a fixed ratio of 250% ensures the lowest possible cost price per wrapped pallet. Extra emphasis has been placed on quality, safety and reliability. This machine has been designed to cope with high workloads.

Maximum pallet format:

1200 x 1200 mm

Standard pallet height:

2400 mm

Power supply:

400 V - 50/60 Hz

Packaging MachinesDatasheet FR Series Packaging Machines

Stretch Wrapper for Smaller Users
Packaging Machines

FV205 Stretch Wrapping Machine

FROMM Stretch wrapping machines are very user friendly and can be used in every work environment. The FV205 in particular is extremly suitable for smaller users who wants to wrap small bundels of steel/wood and PVC or light and easy to handle longer packages with stretch film. Easy to operate, simple, reliabilty and safety were taken highly into account during the design. Carefully selected components make it possible to have a minimum of maintenance and high workload no problem.


390 mm

Maximum pack format:

250 x 200 mm

Maximum pack weight:

25 kg

Power supply:

230 V - 50/60 Hz

Other models:

FV400 / FV600 for bigger packages

Stretch Film
 FROMM STARstretch stretch film

 stretch film

The higher the quality of the stretch-film, the lower the cost?

It sounds as a contradiction but it is really true. If applied with the correct machine, we can prove that "the higher the quality will be, the lower the cost will be, for wrapping a pallet in stretch film. Generally speaking tearing of cheap films will occurred more oft and for sure you will have to use more meters of film, to wrap your pallets in order to have a good a stable quality of packaging. For everybody who would like to wrap his pallets in a cleaver way we can say. "Start to calculate your savings now".

FROMM STARstretch Super High Performance stretch-film 37.52xx

This stretch film is a Super High Performance film. One side cling, based on raw material mettalocene we guarantee a minimum pre-stretch of 300%, an extreme high point resistance with optimal stabilisation behaviours (if applied with the correct machine).

Pre-stretch up to 350% High memory values Very high point resistance on sharp corners If applied with the correct machine a very economical use

Art.code Description Thickness Length Width
37.5201 STARstretch 15my Super High Performance film 15my 2300m 500mm
37.5202 STARstretch 17my Super High Performance film 17my 2000m 500mm
37.5203 STARstretch 20my Super High Performance film 20my 1700m 500mm
37.5204 STARstretch 23my Super High Performance film 23my 1500m 500mm
37.5205 STARstretch 30my Super High Performance film 30my 1250m 500mm
37.5206 STARstretch 35my Super High Performance film 35my 1000m 500mm

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