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Airpad Machines
The compact, portable and easy-to-use Airpad machine produces protective packaging and void-filling material at the touch of a button. No operator is required. Airpad is made from two rolls of flat film which are inflated with air, heat sealed and perforated. The formed pads are then coiled into a large light-weight roll.The Airpad system is covered by worldwide patents.

Airpad AP502

You have the possibility to produce your own void-filling and protective material on site, as needed and as demanded by your goods. The easy operation of the AP502 allows to produce different sizes of pads needed by calling on the memorised programs. You produce the exact quantity demanded by your immediate needs. The innovative concept of producing your own protective material and the proven reliability of the AP502 machine have made it a system of choice among leading manufacturers and distribution centres.

protective packaging
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void fillDownload Brochure AP502 (412kb)

Table Top Compact Airpad AP250 Machines
The new and compact AIRPAD 250 table top machine of Fromm follows the revolutionary idea of the successful AIRPAD machines AP502 and AP503:

* Production of different pad sizes at a touch of a button and not by changing film rolls
* Pad sizes from 120mm to 400mm
* Lower costs by using folded flat films without pre-seals and pre-perforation
* No compressed air / Versatile / Handy

Airpad machine
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protectionDownload Brochure Airpad AP250 (672kb)

Fields of Application (sectors)
The Airpad mats are superior thanks to the high impact absorption capacity of each separate Airpad element. A single pad can withstand an impact of over 1000 N, depending on the film used. Your goods are excellently protected against shock and other impacts. These characteristics also apply for delicate items without the use of any further packaging material. The range of pad sizes lets you efficiently customize your packaging operation. This system has been proven effective for any type of shipment and transportation.

- Automotive spare parts
- Computers
- Electronics
- All kinds of spare parts
- Communication
- Cosmetics
- Lamps / lights
- Logistics
- Machines
- Furniture
- Motorcycle spare parts
- Pharmaceuticals
- Software
- Entertainment electronics
- Mail order

anti static
Anti static

protective packaging
Fixing without compromise

highly loadable
Highly loadable

no extra interior
No extra interior

product protection
Ideally protected

shock absorbant
High shock absorption

Economic and Environmental Advantages
Airpad protective material consists of  99% air and 1% film. The savings over competitive systems are from 30% to  50%. Airpad is clean, free of dust and reusable. In the event of disposal it represents a minimum amount of waste and can be recycled.   Less material, less weight and less storage space result in lower costs and substantial overall savings. Airpad is the economical and environmental alternative.

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Void-fill volume is made out of two rolls of flat film

See void fill image here

The Airpad product protection and void-fill material

Airpad is the multi-use interior packaging material that adequately serves the need for product protection, shock absorption and void-filling applications. The Airpad product protection and void-filling material consists of air cushions available in many different sizes. The air cushions are vertically and horizontally connected and wound into large rolls. The strips of pads are laterally perforated thus allowing the user to tear off the appropriate length of cushion material required for the packaging and void-filling application.



packing void fill
Packing and void-filling



Versatility of Airpad film

By selecting the Airpad AP500 range, you are choosing a product which can be adapted to your current and future requirements. This machine is able to process a wide range of films. If product protection and/or void filling are needed, our standard film can cover these requirements at any time. If anti static protection is needed or the product is subject to extreme situations, either our anti static film or the exceptionally strong multi-layer film can be used.

standard film

Standard film

anti static film

Anti static film

multi layer film

Multi layer film

The large number of programs allows you to produce the most suitable Airpads for your product. Since both Airpad models can process a wide range of film qualities of various thicknesses, a virtually unlimited number of combinations and applications are possible. The number of combinations can be multiplied again by changing the air pressure used in the Airpads.
airpad sizes

Airpad sizes:
Type L: 40 mm / 1 9/16"
Type L: 60 mm / 2 1/3"
Type L: 80 mm / 3 1/8"
Type L: 160 mm / 6 1/4"
Type XL: 160 mm / 6 1/4"
Type XXL: 160 mm / 6 1/4"

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